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Invisalign Orthodontists in Las Vegas


Invisalign is the therapy used to straighten misaligned teeth without the use of braces. Invisalign is another name for braces. Dental patients have been saved by the use of Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is better than the braces. It comprises a set of clear and removable aligners which straightens your teeth slowly over several weeks. These Invisalign aligners are similar to the tooth trays which are embedded in teeth whitening products in the locally available groceries. These aligners are mostly customized and made special to fit one's teeth. They are made particular by the use of 3-D computer technology. The incorporation of this technology to the designing of these Invisalign aligners ensures that the teeth are made straight hence a beautiful smile is guaranteed.


Advantages of Invisalign over braces include better convenience. Aligners made from Invisalign are extremely removable from the mouth enabling eating, brushing the teeth, flossing and chewing gum easier and enjoyable. When removed, your jaws can move freely ensuring enjoyment. This is not the case with the use of braces which are not flexible in removal.


The Invisalign aligners ensure comfort. This is because they are specially fitted in the mouth. There is no significant discomfort associated with the fitting of these aligners as do with the braces.


Another advantage distinct from the braces is that Invisalign is less expensive. The cost of these Invisalign aligners of the teeth is not high. It is affordable to the patients hence many go for this kind of therapy.


Invisalign are very clear. They do not stain the teeth, and therefore no one can notice whether the patient is an individual treatment. The 3-D technology makes the aligners invisible as they are molded to fit the contours unique to your mouth. The teeth move incrementally when you wear these aligners anywhere and anytime. The treatment in straightening your teeth is gradual. Visit The Lasvegasbraces website here!


This therapy is done in stages. After the first three to four weeks, the aligners are removed and another new set created to take the patient for other several days. This process will be considered complete if the teeth are moved to the desired position. A Minimal amount of discomfort is experienced during the process due to the precision of the aligners. This is beneficial because the smile of the patient is improved. It is important to note that no restrictions to diet or drinks during this therapy.


The person undergoing this procedure can remove the aligners and enjoy the kind of food they prefer. The improvement in this therapy is noted even before the completion. It is real and faster as compared to the conventional methods like the use of braces. This therapy is mainly practiced in Las Vegas Nevada which has licensed professionals & Drowley Orthodontists.